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About Us

Humalfa is a fourth generation business located in the Midwest that produces products with impeccable quality standards.

This sets us apart from many other companies in the country along with our fiscal strength, our innovative approach to organics, and our brand reputation for conservative principles leading to fair practices with all of our clients.

Our Company
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Humalfa™ is a company motivated to amend soil in order to beautify lawns and gardens while increasing yields and profits for agricultural and horticultural interests. Humalfa™ uses a natural process to convert raw manure into a complete, organic fertilizer that offers long-term benefits to the soil. This product promotes microbial activity that results in healthy plant growth and production.

Our company has a network of sales consultants and support representatives that have decades of experience in the agriculture and organics business. In addition, the company is growing throughout the Midwest and is expanding to service all of the United States. Humalfa offers technical consultations and services through its sales consultants to support clients over the telephone or in person. Whatever is required to meet our clients’ needs.


All farmers have one goal; to produce healthy crops. There is a constant need to find the best products to improve soil quality and production. Unfortunately, the agrochemical industry has become saturated with low-quality commercial, synthetic fertilizers that erode and damage the soil after repeated use. Humalfa comes to the rescue with its organic fertilizers to provide farmers with all the nutrients to promote healthy plant growth.

Humalfa improves agricultural practices and amends soil by producing organic fertilizers that boost yields. The fertilizers work for all soil structures and are targeted at helping soil retain moisture and reducing damage and environmental hazards caused by many commercial fertilizers.

Intensive farming and chemical-heavy techniques have led to soil degradation across Colorado and Nebraska. While raw manure has all the essential nutrients needed to improve plant growth, it is unstable. On the other hand, commercial fertilizers lack the vital microbes to nourish these soils. Humalfa’s organic fertilizers make a difference because they offer long-term solutions to farmers who want to replenish their soil with valuable nutrients.

Humalfa stabilizes beef manure, which has more nutrients than dairy manure, by composting in a proprietary process that promotes microbial activity and stabilizes organic matter. This way, the nutrients are retained in the soil.

If you require better soil condition and faster growing production, we invite you to look at our Humalfa and Nature’s Prescription products. 

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Humalfa, LLC was founded in 2006. Humalfa turns manure from cattle feed yards into a premium organic fertilizer. Farrel Crowder, Owner/CEO, says his heritage is the cattle business, and when the Oklahoma man who developed the composting process showed up in his driveway, Crowder said “it looked like a pretty good deal.” Crowder helped bring the Humalfa Company to eastern Colorado in 2006, and a few years later the Crowder Family and T.J. Crowder and Son, LLC purchased the business.

Farrel Crowder, who has been in the business for 17 years, says, “There are 13 essential nutrients needed for healthy plant growth, a plant will not grow without all 13 essential nutrients. All these nutrients are in our organic fertilizer, making it a well-rounded product for farmers.


Humalfa's products have been approved by the US Composting Council and is STA Certified (Seal of Testing Assurance Program).  Humalfa is all natural, chemical and odor free which is healthier for children and pets.

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