Humalfa compost saved our dry-land crop

 - Charles Corey, IRF Farm Director

Our best looking wheat crop is the wheat that
has Humalfa’s compost on it

 - Rod Ham, Haxtun, CO

The only reason we are able to grow a crop on the hill in that irrigated circle, is because of Humalfa Compost; it is the one fertilizer product that has made the difference.

 - Gary Wernsman, Haxtun, CO

Our ground is darker and healthier than it has ever been. You can see right to the line from the neighbors. When I stick a shovel in the ground the dirt is alive and crawling with earthworms.

 - Neil Lambert, Fleming, CO

With Humalfa product as our main fertility input, we notice healthier plants and better water retention. Crop stress due to hot dry conditions is noticeably less. Soil and plant tissue sampling verifies that the plants are getting everything they need from Humalfa compost!

 - Mike Peterson, Ault, CO

While using (Humalfa) and 1/4 less water through the pivot, I’m growing more tons per acre with my alfalfa fields; this ground is simply holding more water.
 - Harry Sprague



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