I am so grateful for Humalfa Turf Builder, it has had such a dramatic impact on our program and the quality of our conditions, and helped to produce excellent playing conditions for the 2014 US Senior Open.  I cannot recommend its use more strongly.

 - Joshua Cook, Gold Course Superintendent, Oak Tree National Golf Club

Humalfa’s Nature’s Prescription is 100% Natural- The purest product available on the market today! ….Proof is in the “pop”! This Product gives the term “Going Green” an entire new reality!

 - Eric Pollock, Owner, Golf and Sport Solution

In the fall of 2010, Spring Valley Golf Course tried some samples of the Humalfa product on problem growing areas. In the spring of 2011, we noticed how well those areas responded where the product was applied. We then spread the product throughout the course and were very pleased with the results! Our mounds have historically been a problem for us getting grass to grow let alone keep them green!

 - Allen Kline, Golf Course Superintendent, Spring Valley Golf Course

We have used Humalfa at Ballyneal Golf Club for the past four years.  We have never questioned the quality or consistency of the product.  Our golf course is built on native sand soils and Humalfa has been one of the main reasons our trouble areas have improved.  Yearly dressings of the material have brought life to our soil. We also use it religiously in our divot mix as the recuperative rate exceeds our expectations.

 - Dave Hensley, Ballyneal Golf Club

We used this product for the second year in a row and have excellent results with it. The product has been a high quality product free of rocks and weeds. The product spreads easily and we will continue to use it in the future. Thanks for a great product.

 - Noel Harryman, Manager Turf Operation, City of Glendale




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