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Several years ago I picked up a brochure titled “Nature’s Prescription” for your soil! As I was reading through the small pamphlet I liked what it said. Organic, no chemical additives, Decrease mineral leaching, Helps to break up tight clay soil and adds organic matter to sandy soil. Chemical, pathogen and weed-free. Very important to me was the line that read “Safe for children and pets.” For the last 3 years I have used Humalfa almost exclusively instead of chemical fertilizers. I have been very pleased with the results. My grass and flowers and bushes are doing very well. I use Humalfa in the spring as a top dressing in my perennial beds and in areas where the marigolds and 4 O’clocks come back from seed. I believe that Humalfa provides what my plants need and I feel much safer working with Humalfa than I do with any other fertilizer.

 - Linda Pejsa, Atwood CO

Just a note to let you know that my lawn looks the best it has in years thanks to your Natures Prescription organic fertilizer!  My  southeast Denver soil is full of clay which makes it hard to maintain a healthy lawn.  This year I noticed that our lawn has been full and greener with less watering!  Looking forward to a spring application.

 - Jerry King, Denver, CO

TLC Garden Center, Oklahoma City, OK, has recommended Nature's Prescription for over 15 years as an excellent additive for flower beds and gardens in our hard red clay soils. Our customers have experienced great results with the use of Nature's Prescription; a quality product to do a quality job.
 - Cheryl Goodpaster, Buyer, TLC Garden Center, Oklahoma City, OK


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