We are so thankful to all the lawn and
garden centers, nurseries, hardware
stores, farm and ranch stores, and more
who have supported Humalfa by carrying
our products throughout the years.
Without all of you, we would not be as
successful as we are today.

We are in this together! If YOU succeed...
WE succeed!

With that in mind, we work hard every
day to ensure you have all the tools you
need to help market our product to your

We offer all Humalfa Retailers our continued dedication to providing the best organic fertilizer there is on the market. In addition we offer our retailers the following to help them with their marketing efforts.

  1. We continuously market our product to your customers through direct mail, print advertising, trade shows, farmer's markets, billboards and sponsorships.
  2. We offer a Co-op advertising program where we pay 100% of 4% of your paid purchases to help offset print advertising in your local area.
  3. We have camera-ready marketing templates for you to use in your own own marketing campaigns, including logos, direct (snail) mail coupons/postcards, mailable/handout brochures, and various sized ad templates.
  4. We offer various POS (shelf talkers) to help drive sales in your stores to our products.
  5. We offer an unconditional guarantee to your customers.
  6. Our website lists YOUR contact information so customers looking for Humalfa products know where to go to buy it.
  7. We offer training for your sales associates via Skype and/or Zoom to increase product awareness.
  8. We are available by phone to answer any question your or your customers have about any Humalfa product.

If you would like more information on adding Humalfa products to your store, please contact us at 970-522-0758. We would love to add you to our retail family.

Replenishing soils TODAY for generations TOMORROW.


Iliff, CO

970-522-0758 ph

970-522-2250 f

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