Humalfa proudly produces high-grade

organic fertilizer and soil amendment

products for a wide range of users.

We pride ourselves on building

products for this market sector that

are specifically designed for the

enhancement of manicured turf such

as golf courses and professional sport

stadiums along with lawns and gardens.When you use any of Humalfa’s 100% organic

products, you are rebuilding all of the healthy components of your soil while restoring

their natural balance. You can choose Humalfa products with confidence as they hold the

Seal of Testing Assurance from the US Composting Council.

Whether you are the superintendent of a golf course grooming turf or a gardener looking to

grow the healthiest produce, Humalfa offers the finest organic fertilizer products on the

market today!

Professional Turf


Replenishing soils TODAY for generations TOMORROW.


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