Nature's Prescription


Nature’s Prescription™ is our ultimate organic fertilizer

and soil amendment product that Humalfa offers. This

finely screened product is rich in organic matter and

is enhanced with one of the best forms of carbon - alfalfa,

making it an ideal choice for any lawn, flower and

vegetable gardens, as well as tree planting and shrubs

applications! Nature’s Prescription has the power to

heal distressed and damaged lawns, encourage

recovery and regrowth from fungal disease, loosen

clay soils and improve drought tolerance. Use Nature’s Prescription on turf, in flowerbeds,

vegetable gardens and on trees and shrubs and you will notice an immediate improvement in

your plants’ colors and health. Nature’s Prescription is also available in bulk by the yard or ton.

Contact us today to make arrangements for large volume orders.

Replenishing soils TODAY for generations TOMORROW.


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