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Replenishing soils TODAY for generations TOMORROW.

Huma-Cal is made up of Humalfa’s quality

finished compost with a blend of sugar

beet lime. With this paring we have

created the ultimate soil amendment for

acidic soils, or those soils dealing with

Aluminum toxicity issues. Although

Humalfa already has a large amount of

Calcium, when the lime is blended we

have increased the Calcium level of the

amendment by 400%. Humalfa

compost\typically has 34 pounds of

Calcium per ton. The blend of 2 ton of

compost with1 ton of Sugar beet by-

product lime we have increased the

Calcium level up to 340 pounds per ton.

Calcium neutralizes soil acidity, and

increases the movement of N-P-K into

the plant. Soils become acidic because

the cations on the soil colloids, mainly calcium, are replaced by hydrogen ions. Calcium and Aluminum compete for plant uptake, and when Calcium is leached highly acid soils can result from Aluminum saturation. In acidic soils, soluble Calcium will move rapidly to the lower root zone, and can help offset the toxic effects of aluminum.

Calcium increases water penetration and improves soil drainage.The pH scale ranges

from 0 to 14, with pH 7 being neutral; pH values below 7 are acid and pH values above 7 are alkaline. When a pH is 6 in a soil that is ten times as acid as pH at 7, We have improved pH with one application of Huma-Cal by a point which is proving this product has long-term benefit. Improving soil quality with Huma-Cal will help eliminate aluminum-toxicity issues.