Humalfa™ offers a superior agricultural product that can be applied to a variety of crops and pastureland. Humalfa Standard is rich in Humic and Fulvic Acid and provides the following 13 Essential Nutrients that are necessary for healthy plant growth:


     1.   Nitrogen: dark green color & stimulates leaf & stem growth

     2.   Phosphorus: stimulates root growth and plant flowering & fruiting

     3.   Potassium: stimulates winter hardiness and disease resistance


     4.   Calcium: promotes root development and cell wall structure and neutralizes soil acidity

     5.   Magnesium: essential for photosynthesis-an activator for plant enzymes

     6.   Sulfur: protein synthesis-essential for nodule formation on legume roots


     7.   Boron: regulating metabolism of carbohydrates in plants

     8.   Zinc: controls the synthesis of induleacetic acid-important plant growth regulator

     9.   Manganese: disease resistance-activator of enzymes-iron and chlorophyll formation

    10.  Copper: important for flower set and vitamin A production

    11.  Chlorine: required in photosynthetic reactions in plants

    12.  Iron: formation of chlorophyll in plant cells and activator for biochemical processes

                 like respiration

    13.  Cobalt: important for N fixation-work with rhizobium bacteria that live inside the N
                 fixing nodules


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