In March of 2006, under the management and leadership of Farrel Crowder, Humalfa CEO, expanded into Eastern Colorado. On

July 1, 2011, the Crowder Family and T. J. Crowder and Sons, LLC, purchased the Humalfa company, making the Colorado division the

flagship operation. Since that time, Humalfa is rapidly growing into a well-reknown company providing a valuable plant nutrient

package that has revolutionized feedlot and farming practices. It has defined sustainability in the truest sense, not only in the

agricultural realm, but also in the professional turf markets.

Humalfa, along with large Colorado cattle feeding operations and a significant number of growers, have developed a circle of

environmental stewardship second to none in the agricultural industry today. Together, this partnership of feedlot owners and growers,

have taken a resource that is being produced daily and, with Humalfa’s help, has stabilized the plant nutrients available and is able to

deliver this fertilizer to agricultural producers 120 miles away from the source. This process allows the feedlot-produced product to be

shipped ten times further than the raw product could normally be transported.

Humalfa has employed technology such as advanced GPS and site-specific spreading equipment for application of our fertilizer product.

A fleet of advanced hauling equipment supports that spreading process. Humalfa is a full-service fertilizer company that not only feeds

the crop that our producers grow, but provides those soil amendment qualities that the commercial applicator has not been willing to

source. Today, our products are being used throughout the country in a wide variety of applications from the generational farmer to

golf course fairways to homeowners’ lawns and gardens! No matter which product is being used or where it is being applied, Humalfa

remains committed to replenishing the soils of today for generations tomorrow!



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