• Completely all-natural organic fertilizers
  • Increased porosity in the soil structure bringing greater water retention
  • Reduced water usage


What is Compost?

Replenishing soils TODAY for generations TOMORROW.

Humalfa™ is an advanced organic fertilizer company that is motivated to amend soil to increase yields and profits for agricultural and horticultural interests. Humalfa uses its proprietary process to produce an all-natural and completely organic fertilizer that offers both short- and long-term benefits to the soil. Humalfa products accomplish this by promoting microbial activity that produces healthy plant growth and accelerates production.

  • Loosens heavy clay soil
  • Decreases mineral fertilizer leaching
  • Provides an efficient, natural environment for all types of plant growth

Humalfa™ offers a superior agricultural product that can be applied to a variety of crops and pastureland.


Humalfa™ proudly produces high-grade organic fertilizer and soil amendment products for a wide range of users.

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Our goal is to provide you with the essential products you need to keep your lawn green, your flowers beautiful and your vegetables growing!

Compost is basically decayed organic matter that is added to soil to increase its quality.